Staff Bank.


The smarter way to manage and grow a Staff Bank

Whether you want to create a new Staff Bank or breathe new life into your existing one, Sanctuary Health has the expertise, extensive healthcare community and industry-leading technology to meet your needs.

An approved supplier

As an Approved Supplier on the Crown Commercial Service RM6158 Staff Bank framework, clients tap into our Staff Bank service; to maximise their shift fill rates and grow a consistent community of approved bank staff.

What makes Sanctuary Health’s solution unique?

We’re home to one of the largest registered communities of healthcare professionals in the UK. Our candidates remain registered with us because they trust us to find them suitable work opportunities, including bank work.

Our team of bank staff resourcing experts can either help you grow your Staff Bank or fully manage one on your behalf. We can also set you up with our cloud-based technology solution, giving you the flexibility to access, communicate and engage with your contingent workforce. The choice is yours.

As a valued client, you’ll benefit from:

  • A more robust, flexible Staff Bank

  • Increased fill rates

  • A reduction in agency spend

  • Improved continuity of care

  • Tracked savings and expenditure with real-time MI

The biggest breakthrough in staff bank technology

Our offering relies on the expertise of our people, robust compliance and the constant investment into the best technology.

As a smart solution, our cloud-based platform, Sanctuary Staff Bank offers:

  • Automated placements by matching and allocating available healthcare professionals to vacant bank shifts within minutes

  • Greater budgetary control by managing multiple rate bands and alerting managers of impending budget limits

  • Real-time compliance checks and tailored performance feedback

  • The management of worker contracts by generating a payroll file or invoice

  • Electronic timesheet input and validation

  • Customisable management information for reporting

Auto confirm

A key benefit to both workers and clients.

This means that candidates do not need to speak to anyone from the bank to get the shifts they want, and clients are able to fill shifts without any manual interventions.

Reduce the spread of infectious disease

Sanctuary’s Staff Bank technology provides instant traceability of all agency staff booked through the platform. This is particularly important in cases of exposure to contagious diseases, such as the current global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

If an agency worker has been exposed to an infected patient, the software can instantly identify where this worker was, where they have worked since and who else they could have been in contact with since interaction with the infection.

This provides instant clarity in order to manage the spread of any further infection.

To find out more about how our blended solution can help you create a more dynamic, cost-effective Staff Bank, contact us today!