Tori Garnsworthy

Strategy and Innovation Director

With a strong background in introducing strategic operational and HR processes in the public and private sector, Tori brings a wealth of experience to the role of Strategy and Innovation Director.

For the past 20 years, Tori has worked in strategic project and business management roles that require her to think dynamically about resolving day-to-day operational challenges.

Everywhere she has worked, her inquisitive forward-thinking mind and astute business skills have seen her engineer robust solutions. Just before joining Sanctuary in August 2016, she held an interim position at an American biotech company where she oversaw and introduced new HR and operational processes across 14 territories. Prior to this, she successfully managed Devon County Council’s social work agency and bank supply, coming up with new solutions to fill crucial vacancies.

Tori also spent a decade in management for a fast-growing food retailer, which she says gave her “a good grounding for thinking logically about how to use resources and people to resolve problems.”

Given her strong background, Tori initially joined Sanctuary as a project manager for a children’s social work delivery programme. Following a series of successful projects, she was promoted to Head of Operations before being made Director of Operations at Sanctuary’s social work delivery part of the business, Innovate Services. Here, she helped deliver some ground-breaking work, including the Children and Young People Now Award-winning Edge of Care Programme at the London Borough of Enfield.

Today, she works directly with Sanctuary’s CEO, James Rook and the rest of the management team. She helps Sanctuary develop its service offering, streamline internal operations and promote itself to its target audiences.As such, a large portion of her role is preparing business proposals, exploring new service opportunities, launching new projects as well as overseeing the company’s HR and Marketing function.

In essence, Tori plays a pivotal role in encouraging innovation at Sanctuary and supports those around her to think freely.

Outside of work, Tori, feels it is incredibly important to keep her mind and body in balance, which is why she practices yoga. She also owns two horses, Callie and Joe, who she loves to spend time with.

Tori Garnsworthy