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Sanctuary International opened its doors for business in 2019, and since then we have successfully placed hundreds of international professionals, from all over the globe. We understand that relocating to the UK for work is a big step. That’s why we work hard to support our overseas candidates on their journey to finding their dream role here in the UK. Not only does Sanctuary International supply our clients with high quality, qualified, and compliant staff, we also comply with the WHO global code of practice on international recruitment.

We have a dedicated pastoral care team, which ensures candidates are looked after at every step of their relocation process; from greeting them at the airport, to helping them buy household items for their new homes. We also provide a wellbeing service, creating a stress-free experience for candidates and their families.

Are you a healthcare organisation or UK council, wanting to address, and expand on your international recruitment needs? Whether you’re looking to hire for a specialist position or an entire team, we can provide the bespoke, exclusive support you need. Our team of consultants will reach out and engage with our international community of health and social care workers to fill any vacancies you have.

Social Work

If you’re a fully qualified international social worker looking for a new challenge, discover how we’re uniquely positioned to help you. As a global recruitment company, we specialise in supporting candidates who wish to relocate to the UK. We work closely with local authorities, charities and private sector clients, and are also on various frameworks to supply to the NHS. This means that we can offer a greater variety of careers than anyone else.

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Our team are here and ready to support you. We do things differently, from the very beginning of the recruitment process, we will work tirelessly on your behalf to find the right people for your organisation. From our screening process and relocation support to our pastoral care and training packages we will show you that Sanctuary International will leave no stone unturned to ensure we can provide the best staff to meet your needs.

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The UK includes some of the most diverse cities in the world, providing a range of exciting and fulfilling job roles for workers. Whether you are a nurse, allied health professional, doctor, psychiatrist, radiographer or social worker, we have a wealth of opportunities for you to make your next career move.

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International health expertise is crucial in the UK because of staff shortages across the NHS and local councils. We know that hiring globally brings a wealth of skills and knowledge that only enhances the first-rate care people receive here.

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