International Nursing and Midwifery.

Overseas nurse working in the UK
Overseas nurse working in the UK

Why choose Sanctuary International to progress your nursing or midwifery career?

We understand that it is a big step to move to the UK as an international nurse or midwife. After all, there’s a quite a lot to think about from considering UK living costs, sorting VISAs and other documentation to finding somewhere to live and arranging flights. That’s why, for all our successful international applicants, we do everything we can to make relocating to the UK as smooth as possible.

We believe that your journey should be an exciting one that you feel in control of. Therefore, our support starts from the moment you reach out to us. Managing the process at every step of the way, you’ll never feel lost. We will keep you updated on progress our end, maintain close communications with your future employer and advise you on all of compliance and documentation requirements, VISA applications, booking your OSCE, helping you find suitable accommodation, arranging flights and even meeting you at the airport!

Essentially, we’re here to assist you with every single aspect of your relocation, and beyond!

Read more about requirements for overseas workers.

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Total UK coverage

As one of the largest healthcare recruiters in the UK, we are trusted by NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations to find suitably qualified international nurses and midwives.

With over 190 NHS Trusts relying on us to fill a wide variety of healthcare positions, more and more of our clients are turning to us to recruit international nurses, whose skills and experience are highly appreciated.

A single point of contact

One of our specialist consultants will guide you through the entire relocation process, from securing your interview to assisting you with obtaining the right English language skills required to practice in the UK.

We’ll only ever present you with employment opportunities that we feel will be of benefit to you. There are a wide range of available roles for you to consider. It’s our job to find the right one for you, and in a geographic area you’ll be happy to call home.

Why work in the UK?

The UK is one of the most attractive countries to practice as an international nurse or midwife. We know this because we have placed lots of overseas workers into great roles, and every single one of them has gone on to progress in their career.

With attractive rates of pay, learning opportunities, and good career opportunities, moving to the UK for work is exciting, and very much the start of a new journey.