Supporting your relocation to the UK

Moving to the UK for work is a major life decision, but one that you’ve likely been thinking about for some time. We understand that you'll be excited and nervous. This is exactly why we offer a wraparound relocation support service. Every day, we help international candidates, just like you, with relocating to the UK. A tailored service designed around your needs; we can offer you as much support as you need.


You will need to register with the correct regulator:

Find out more about who you'll need to register with and how to do so. We can guide you through each step of the registration process to make it as straightforward as possible.

Visa application

Most of the candidates we place come to the UK on an initial 2 year working visa. Wherever we can, we will guide you through the visa application process.


Whilst we are not a tour operator, we can assist you with finding the best and least expensive transport options to the UK.

If you're travelling by plane, we will meet you at the airport and organise your airport transfer to take you to where you will be staying.

Finding accommodation

Most people, unless they have relatives to stay with, will require accommodation. Many of our candidates are offered hospital accommodation, but if you're looking for alternative places to stay, we can help. We have great contacts with local housing providers.

Find out more about renting a property in the UK.


Having a bank account is essential to make sure you are paid as quickly as possible, as is having a National Insurance Number. We’ll guide you through establishing both.

Find out how to open a UK bank account.

Registering with a GP and dentist

Whilst you’re unlikely to need a GP or dentist straight away, it’s always best to register at a practice as soon as you have secured accommodation. Our consultants will inform you how you can do this.

Schools and childcare

If you are relocating with your young family, we can help. All children aged 5-16 living in the UK are entitled to a free place at a state school. Free education is also extended to those aged 16-19. There’s also nursery provision for children aged 3-4 to prepare them for school.

Find out more about applying for a school place.

There are specific deadlines for applying for primary and secondary school places in the UK. It is best to visit your council’s website for more information once you know where you will be living.

Supporting you throughout your employment

We’re always here for you. Once you start your new job, we’ll keep in touch to make sure you are happy.

For more relocation help, read more.