International Social Care Staffing.

International Social Care Staffing
International Social Care Staffing

Our international social work community

At Sanctuary International, we work closely with many countries to meet the growing challenges faced by our social work community. Our global workforce allows us to find the right candidates to meet the changing needs of UK-based employers.

We have dedicated hubs in the Philippines, India and several countries in Africa and across the Caribbean, all of which support recruitment and English Language Proficiency. Candidates go through a robust pre-screening process, allowing us to assess their language skills. This gives our clients peace of mind that each applicant has the appropriate communication skills for the role. Our expert understanding of social work ensures we know which qualifications are equivalent to the high standards expected within our UK workforces.

Managing your requirements

Our team are available to support you; whether you need to fill niche vacancies or an entire team to cope with a specific cultural challenge. From the very beginning of the recruitment process, we work tirelessly on your behalf. We know that when we find the right people, they can provide the best support to those in need.

We understand the challenges involved in moving abroad, so we ensure that cultural and lifestyle changes are fully managed, and expectations set. We support our candidates throughout visa applications, language tests and even professional registration. This allows you to feel confident that the right candidate can simply walk through the door and get on with the task at hand.

Our hiring strategies allow us to be transparent and streamlined, making clients feel in control throughout the whole process.

Combining recruitment with pastoral care

We know that moving to the UK is a big step for many of our candidates. Often, they are driven by the desire to provide a better life for their children and families, which is why our dedicated relocation team offer first-rate pastoral care to our international community. We believe that if our social workers are happy and secure, they can better integrate to life here in the UK, be more productive at work and therefore able to make a valuable difference to the lives of those in need.

Our dedicated account managers work hard to offer a seamless approach which starts from the moment the candidates apply through to the moment they step through your door. Thanks to the efforts of our pastoral support team, our social workers are confident they can integrate with their new colleagues and swiftly become a valued member of your team.

This holistic approach means that clients can enjoy secure recruitment. Retention rates for our international workforce are higher than their UK-based counterparts, which provides greater opportunities for sponsorship.

Committed to safe recruitment

We believe in placing people first; this is our commitment to safe recruitment practices. We view all credentials to ensure validity, and work with our international community to ensure candidates have the right documentation, allowing them to work legally within the UK.

We adhere to the standards set out by the social work profession and ensure that our international workers are trained to the same high standards as those already based in the UK.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, we comply with guidance on Warner questions, which review the selection of staff working with children and young people. Ultimately, we know how important social work is when it comes to protecting and supporting vulnerable people.

We are the most accredited recruitment company in our sector. Our accreditations and memberships include:


All our candidates are thoroughly checked by our compliance team, providing peace of mind for our clients and the social work community. Our market-leading compliance processes are audited regularly.

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