Social Work Project Teams.

social work projects
social work projects

Bespoke teams to resource your service

Working in partnership with local authorities, Sanctuary Social Care has helped to improve the performance and delivery of many social service departments throughout the UK.

By providing a fully managed service of expert practitioners for a set period, we allow clients to simply ‘plug in’ extra resource instantly. Projects range from dealing with backlogs of work, taking on the day-to-day work whilst a client restructures a service, or providing intensive early intervention resources to prevent longer term cost burdens developing.

We regularly mobilise experienced social work practitioners to assist with:

  • Analysis of needs and best outcome planning

  • Complete teams, including management

  • Performance and progress reports

  • Quality Assurance

  • Supervision within the team

  • Comprehensive induction process, including training on your internal systems and processes

  • Working collaboratively with your existing service

  • Multi-disciplinary teams

  • Scalable resource throughout the project, flexible to the demands of service

Sanctuary Social Care’s project teams have helped our clients to put rapid improvement measures in place, improve Ofsted ratings, reduce backlogs and provide the additional capacity for senior managers to undertake restructuring and transformation programmes.

Having delivered fully managed services to local authorities throughout the UK, we have considerable knowledge of the needs and practices of different employers and therefore the specific teams needed to deliver their projects.

To find out more about how Sanctuary can recruit project teams, contact us or register a job.