List of Acronyms.

List of Acronyms
List of Acronyms

List of Acronyms

Within your social work role, you will come across a variety of acronyms that abbreviate a longer word or phrase. We’ve put together this list of the more commonly used ones:


ABC – Acceptable behaviour contract
ABE – Achieving best evidence
ADAS – Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service
ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
AEP – Association of Educational Psychologists
ASBO – Anti social behaviour order
ASD – Autistic spectrum disorder


BAAFThe British Association for Adoption and Fostering


CA04 – Children Act 2004
CA06 – Childcare Act 2006
CA89 – Children Act 1989
CAA – Comprehensive area assessment
CAF – Common assessment framework
CAFCASS – Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Services
CAIU – Child Abuse Investigation Unit
CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
CBT – Cognitive behavioural therapy
CEOP – Child exploitation and online protection
CFA – Case file audit
CIN – Child in Need
CJS – Criminal Justice System
CLA – Child looked after
CP – Child protection
CPP – Child protection plan
CPS – Crown Prosecution Service
CPU – Child Protection Unit
CRB – Criminal records bureau
CSC – Children’s social care
CYP – Children and young people
CYPS – Children and young people’s services


DLA – Disability living allowance
DoH – Department of Health
DPA – Data Protection Act
DV – Domestic violence


E2E – Entry to employment
EBD – Emotional and behavioural difficulties
EBP – Evidence based practice
ECM – Every child matters (government policy)
eCAF – Electronic common assessment framework
EDT – Emergency duty team
EET – Employment, education & training
EHR – Electronic health record
EPO – Emergency protection order
EPR – Electronic patient record
EOTAS – Education other than at school
ESBD – Emotional, social and behavioural difficulties
EWO – Educational welfare officer
EYFS – Early year’s foundation stage


FGM – Female genital mutilation
FIP – Family intervention project
FIS – Families information service
FSP – Family support practitioner
FSW – Family support worker


HT – Head teacher
HV – Health visitor


IAG – Information and advice guidance
ICO – Interim care order
ICPC – Initial child protection conference
ICS – Integrated children’s system
IP – Injured party
IRO – Independent reviewing officer
ISA – Information, sharing and assessment
IW – Integrated working


KEEP – Key elements for effective practice


LA – local authority
LAC – Looked after child
LAP – Local area partnership
LP – Lead practitioner
LSCB – Local safeguarding children’s board
LSP – Local strategic partnerships


MAPPA – Multi agency public protection arrangements
MAST – Multi agency support team
MARAC – Multi agency risk assessment committee
MGM – Maternal grandmother


NAFIS – National Association of Families Information Service
NCB – National Children’s Bureau
NEET – Not in education, employment and training
NICE – The National Institute for Clinical Excellence
NSF – National service framework
NSPCC – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children


ONS – Office of National Statistics


PEIP – Parenting early intervention programme
PEP – Personal educational plan
PGM – Paternal grandmother
PIW – Personal involvement worker
PMHW – Primary mental health worker
PO – Parenting order
PPU – Police Protection Unit
PRU – Pupil referral unit
PWP – Placed with parents


QA – Quality assurance
QTI – Qualified teacher involvement


S17 – (CA89) Provision of service
S47 – (CA89) Local authorities’ duty to investigate
SARCs – Sexual assault referral centres
SC – Social Care
SDVC – Specialist domestic violence courts
SEN – Statement of special educational needs
SENCO – Special educational needs coordinator
SLA – Service level agreement
SRE – Sexual and relationship education
SS – Social services
SW – Social worker


TAC – Team around the child


YISP – Youth inclusion support panel
YJB – Youth Justice Board
YOS – Youth offending service
YOT – Youth offending team
YSW – Youth support worker