Vanessa Mutimer

Performance Director

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Vanessa has been instrumental in the company’s growth and has enjoyed a fast-paced and varied career.

As one of Sanctuary Personnel’s longest-serving employees, she has an incredible understanding of the sector and works closely with Sanctuary’s Chief Operations Officer and Marketing Director on digital transformation.

In every role, she’s grown the business either through direct sales, managing teams, or by introducing/improving processes and implementing systems. Before leading on the introduction of InTime (Sanctuary’s digital timesheet system) in 2007, she spent four years in recruitment; experience she considers invaluable in her current role.

She also has extensive project management experience, heading up the Special Projects Team at Sanctuary’s social work delivery arm, now known as Innovate, and has been instrumental in refining the company’s payroll and compliance systems.

Many of the systems Vanessa has introduced ensure Sanctuary can operate within a highly regulated environment. These include reinventing the payroll, billing and credit control structure as well as introducing new compliance processes and procedures.

In 2018, she was promoted from Head of Projects and Operational Finance to the role of Strategic Operations Director. Here, she supports other teams across the business, helping them find innovate solutions, through technology, to enhance their service offering to clients and candidates. This includes internal scoping and liaising with the business development team to ensure digital transformation projects are delivered in time and within budget.

As an ambitious individual, she enjoys being part of a large company that is, in her own words “constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining itself”.

When she’s not busy nurturing Sanctuary, she enjoys spending time with her family and many pets. They currently have two dogs, a cat, four chickens, two goats, a pony and a horse, so life is busy!

Vanessa Mutimer