Giorgio Dimuccio

Principal Consultant

  1. 03300522120

Here's what Giorgio's candidates say about him:

"I would like to express the support my consultant Giorgio has given me. Giorgio has been there all the time and he goes out of his way to help and is very professional, even during difficult times. I really appreciate his support and I can't give enough praise or words that can explain my appreciation." Child Protection Social Worker

'Sanctuary have provided me with excellent work experiences across the country in social work since the beginning of 2015 as an agency social worker. I have always found Sanctuary to have high standards of care to supporting the agency workers in their contract. I have been paid well for my contracts and always on time. If I have encountered any difficulties with any matters or experiences they have always supported me as much as they can. They are keen to listen to my views, my values and they have developed my career and CV. They've also added depth and volume to my experience of working for different local authorities and what to expect at each contract guiding me through every process." Child Protection Social Worker

"I would like to confirm that Giorgio has been the best. From the first day I contacted him he has never let me down. At that time, I was urgently looking for work and it only took Giorgio two days to register me and find me a suitable position. He goes out of his way to ensure that all my needs are met. That includes payroll issues and getting me work where I am comfortable working." Children with Disabilities Social Worker

Giorgio Dimuccio