Social Work England Registration

Registration renewal for social workers

By Gemma Raw

It's that time of year again. Social Work England's annual registration renewal process opened for business on 1 September 2021. Now's the time to get your application in and beat the last-minute rush. If you've been a social worker for some time, you'll know the ropes when it comes to re-registration. But if this is your first year of renewal, here's a reminder of the three-step process:

1. Submit a renewal application.

2. Pay your registration.

3. Record at least one piece of continuing professional development (CPD).

Who needs to register?

All social workers who want to practise in England must be registered with Social Work England. That includes anyone who's on maternity or paternity leave, or currently unemployed. It also includes former social care professionals who are retired but want to stay registered.

Check your details

As part of the re-registration process you should make sure that all the information which Social Work England holds about you is up to date. You should have already received an email telling you it's time to apply for registration renewal, so if you haven't and it isn't hiding in your SPAM box, go online and check your contact details.

Have your circumstances changed? You can make a self-referral about anything which affects your fitness to practice or apply for voluntary removal from the register.

Social Work England registration fees

The registration renewal fee is currently £90. You can pay in full by card when you renew or by direct debit in two equal instalments.

Submitting your CPD

CPD is an important part of professional practice for all social workers. Social Work England's requirement for registration is one piece of CPD per year. However, that's a minimum. It's recommended that you record at least four examples. You can add the additional ones at any time during the registration year, which runs from 1 December to 30 November.

Are you a newly-qualified social worker?

If you're just starting out as a social worker, the first step to apply for registration is to create an online account on the Social Work England website. Your course provider should have sent them confirmation that you've passed your course, usually about five days after results have been officially announced.

For more information about renewing your registration or applying for a new registration, visit the Social Work England website.