Martin Narey

Sanctuary welcomes Sir Martin Narey on Board

By Andrew Pirie

Sanctuary Personnel welcomes Sir Martin Narey as a non-executive member of its Board.

The appointment comes as Sanctuary continues to collaborate with health and social care employers to resolve the most challenging resourcing issues.

Sir Martin Narey brings a wealth of experience in his advisory role, having delivered landmark public sector transformational change at both a central and local level.

James Rook, Chief Executive Officer of Sanctuary, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Sir Martin Narey onto our board as Sanctuary continues to transcend from a recruitment company into a solutions-provider.

“He is well-respected for his dynamic approach to strengthening public services; something we are particularly passionate about. His advice will no doubt be of great value as we continue to work in partnership with our colleagues in health, criminal justice and social care.”

Delivering change in complex environments

Sir Martin Narey has an incredible reputation for reform, particularly in criminal justice where he held several prominent Home Office advisory and criminal justice roles. Between 1998 and 2003, he held the most senior position within the Prison Service. Firstly, as Director General of the Prison Service, before moving on the become the CEO of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

Whilst at NOMS, he became the first public sector recipient in ten years to be awarded the UK Chartered Institute of Management’s Annual Gold Medal for Leadership.

Having led on transformational change in complex environments, he now talks on managing change during times of difficulty.

Journey into social care

His introduction to social care began when he became Chief Executive of Barnardo’s in 2005. During his five years as CEO, Martin led the Campaign to End Child Poverty and saw the charity grow by 40% to become, once again, the UK’s biggest children’s charity.

After leaving Barnardo’s in 2011, he focused on transforming children’s services. He specialised in adoption services, on which he advised the Prime Minister and Department for Education.

He has a unique ability to step back and come up with innovative solutions. This has seen him co-produce reports on the training of children’s social workers, residential care for children and, most recently the fostering system in England (2018). As an advocate for change, he has continued to advise the Government on a range of children’s social care issues.

Commenting further on his appointment, James adds:

“As a non-executive board member, we could not hope for a better advisory. For our Innovate Services colleagues who are co-producing new ways of working in children’s social care and SEND services, his support is already proving invaluable.”