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Adult speech and language therapy resources

By Dan Allard

​The Stroke Association

A Complete Guide to Communications Problems After Stroke is a downloadable booklet, aimed at people recovering from a stroke and their loved ones. It covers a wide range of topics, including common issues associated with speaking, reading and writing. It also explains more about the role of a speech and language therapist, aids and equipment that are available, and signposting for sources of further help and information.

The online home of the British Stammering Association, a charity that supports anyone in the UK who stammers and their family, friends, educators, employers and allied health professionals. In addition to a wealth of downloadable resources such as leaflets, video and audio, Stamma operates a lending library of books and DVDs available to members and to speech and language therapists.

Stamma's Your Voice forum shares stories, articles, opinions, poems and art from people who live with stammering and supporters of the charity's activities. It's a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about stammering, but is particularly good for young adults, with subjects covered including job hunting, dating, university and more.

About Stammering

Provided by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, About Stammering is a free e-learning course for speech and language therapists and other health professionals.

Communication Matters

A UK-wide organisation that supports people of all ages who have speech difficulties, Communication Matters offers wide-ranging online resources, including free articles, leaflets, DVDs and videos. Focus on... is a suite of eight leaflets covering topics relating to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), a form of functional communication training which uses other methods of communication, such as gestures and pictures, to replace ordinary speech (see our previous blog here).

Teen Talk

Created by the University of Sheffield and aimed at those training for or already working in speech and language therapy, Teen Talk is an online learning resource that helps them support teenagers and young adults who have language disorders. Comprising a series of modules, it features interactive video material and learning tasks. There's a choice of 'introductory' and 'advanced' levels and you can work though the course at your own pace.


Run by a British Speech and Language Therapist who is currently based in Australia, iCommunicate provides a wide range of information about a variety of speech and language disorders, including apraxia, phonological delay, aphasia and dysarthria, as well as communication development, hearing impairment, autism, brain injury, stroke and acquired adult communication difficulties, special needs and learning difficulties. The website's Resources Centre has tools, activities, strategies, videos and more, as well as a forum for speech and language therapists to share ideas, information and activities.

Sanctuary Health’s Careers Hub

Our careers hub is packed full of resources, blogs and templates designed to help you progress in your speech and language therapy career. Your consultant will also be able to offer guidance and support with any issues you may be experiencing.

Support for non-English speakers

Speech and language therapists at South Tees NHS Trust have put together a series of Youtube videos to support speech and language development in languages other than English, including French, Spanish, Polish, German, Romanian, Portuguese and Punjabi.

We work hard to ensure our community have access to speech and language therapy tools. We have also written a series of blogs around navigating your speech and language therapy career.