preparing for a physiotherapy interview

Preparing for a physiotherapy interview

By Dan Allard

​Do you know where to go?

Make sure that you’re confident that you know where you need to go and what time you need to arrive. You don’t want to arrive late or flustered. Try to think about where you may park or how much change you may need for a parking meter. If you are taking public transport, think about your route and how long it will take. You may wish to arrive early and spend time in a nearby coffee shop to settle your nerves and refresh your mind. This may be a good time to re-read the job description and any notes that you may have made.

Ahead of any online interviews, please take the time to read through our video interview tips.

Don’t forget to re-read the job description

The job advert will give you the information that you need to tailor your answers accordingly. For example, if you are applying for a band 6 physiotherapy job, the advert may make references to various clinical specialisms. In which case, you should anticipate being asked about your specific expertise.

There may also be references to working within wider multidisciplinary teams. If so, you can expect to be asked how you work as part of a team, and how you communicate with external agencies. Be sure to support your answer with examples of when you have done this.

Have you researched the employer?

Before any job interview, you must research the employer. If you are applying for a permanent physiotherapy job, they will want to know that you’ve taken the time to find out about who they are. This may involve looking at the most recent CQC rating, reading the hospital’s mission statements, and being aware of their core values. You could also use sites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn to see what other employees are saying about the company.

Is your physiotherapy CPD portfolio up to date?

Your CPD portfolio isn’t just for you to submit to the HCPC if you are called for an audit. It’s also a tool to showcase your historic and future learning. You may wish to take a copy of your CPD portfolio with you to your interview to show to the hiring panel how you structure your personal learning. Within your portfolio, you may have evidence of articles that you have written, testimonials, or letters from previous patients or colleagues.

Your portfolio can be an effective aid in prompting discussions about your experience with a hiring manager.

What questions might you be asked in your physiotherapy interview?

Questions will differ depending on your level of experience.

At Band 5, you will likely be asked about why you chose to train as a physiotherapist. They may also ask you about patient safety. The hiring manager will want to feel confident that you will ask for help if needed.

At Band 6, questions will become more complex. You will be asked more about your style of practice and your clinical expertise. You will also be asked about how you work with junior colleagues and what support you have offered them. Questions could also be asked about how you maintain KPIs or your role in driving quality improvement. Interviewers may be looking for someone with the skills to lead a team, rather than just focusing on patient care.

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