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How to prepare for an international nursing interview

By Luke Aldred

As an international nurse, if you hope to relocate to the UK, our interview guide should help; offering tips on how to best demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience during your interview.

Interviewing international nurses is very much an online process. Usually, you will have two Skype-based interviews; one with the Sanctuary International team to assess your suitability for a role and another, more formal interview directly with your potential employer. These interviews are treated in the same way as if you were physically in the room with the employer. Therefore, you’ll need to take the same amount of care with regards to your professional appearance and preparation.

Research and preparation

Being able to demonstrate knowledge of the broader issues related to the role you are applying for is very useful at interview. It shows you share an interest in the employer’s healthcare challenges. Our blog is a useful source of information on the healthcare sector.

Examples of your work

Look through the job description and be ready with three or four appropriate examples of how you meet the requirements. Be prepared to discuss strategies you use to deal with a busy workload. Make sure you describe how you assess risk, manage your patients and meet deadlines.

For help with how to answer nursing interview questions, please read the full guide.