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Pick up the latest issue of Social Work News

By Andrew Pirie

We work closely with our community to help you with every aspect of your professional development; whether it’s helping you to find the latest social work job, or providing you with resources to complement your ongoing CPD.

We know that you’re passionate about your profession, which is why we do what we can to help you improve your knowledge around all aspects relating to social work. This is why we ensure that every single member of our social work community is given a free copy of Social Work News magazine.

Each issue is packed full of interviews, charity spotlights and practical information to help you learn from what your peers are doing throughout the UK.

What are the readers saying?

Social Work News takes a positive approach to social work. It’s why you’ll only ever read about the great things that you do, and it’s why so many of our community are sharing their thoughts and feelings about the magazine…

“I received the latest Social Work News yesterday and loved it! I thought it was a really powerful issue with lots to read and think about. I shall make sure my colleagues see it too.”

“I’m very impressed with the production value of the magazine.”

What’s in the latest issue?

In this latest issue, the feature interview is with Chroma – a unique organisation specialising in creative therapies. They talk about the work that they do with post-adoption support and share details of their latest collaboration with Relate.

There’s a charity spotlight with Sister System, a London-based charity which is working specifically with girls who have grown up within the care system. We’re sure you’ll be inspired with the ways that they are helping these young women meet their full potential.

If you’re more interested in the theoretical side of social work, then you won’t want to miss the article explaining a new pilot model which has been launched by the University of Portsmouth. Or, the interview with What Works for Children's Social Care where we discover details of how to fully evaluate your own social work initiatives.

If you have any thoughts about future articles or would like to join the Social Work Circle and feature, please get in touch with Social Work News via

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