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How to compare utility prices

By Luke Aldred

​Ensuring you get a good rate when paying your electricity, gas and water bills here in the UK is key to keeping your monthly budget in-check.

Most UK properties are connected to the mains electricity and gas lines – although in some rural locations, you may find that your home is heated by oil. In most scenarios, you can choose to have a fixed-price tariff where a monthly sum is deducted from your bank account, making budgeting

Here are some useful ways to help you compare the deals out there, and keep the costs down as much as possible:

Comparison websites

As it’s such a competitive and saturated market, there are many comparison sites to find the right energy and water deals for you. Sites such as Uswitch, Money Supermarket and Compare the Market compare a wide range of suppliers and deals from across the UK market to help you make savings on your bills. They also post articles with great tips, e.g. how to save on energy at home.

Take control of your bills

After you’ve compared energy and water deals, and have found something you’re happy with, you will want to stay on top of your bills to ensure you don’t overpay. Comparison sites often offer an energy monitor service, to keep an eye on prices and alert you if you could get a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Switch and save

If you’ve just moved into a property and would like to change provider, or, if you’ve seen a better deal since sorting out your energy and water bills. This should be all wrapped up within 21 days, with your new supplier handling the admin throughout the process. Also, switching doesn’t mean your energy gets cuts off, as the same pipes and wires will be used. Here’s a helpful online guide on the best times to switch energy providers.

Remember, there are a few things you will need in order to secure a property to rent in the UK.

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