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National Safeguarding Adults Week

By Luke Aldred

​As experienced social work recruiters, we love to hear about national initiatives which highlight the important work that our social work community does. This month sees the second annual National Safeguarding Adults Week – a time when focus is placed upon the tireless efforts of those supporting vulnerable adults and their families.

National Safeguarding Adults Week will take place from the 18th to 24th November 2019 and is organised by the Ann Craft Trust – an organisation you may be familiar with if you picked up the summer issue of Social Work News magazine. The week is designed to bring together the social work profession to raise awareness of the many different issues involved in safeguarding adults.

What to expect

Each day, the campaign will focus on a different safeguarding theme and you can find out more information on each theme direct on the Ann Craft Trust website.

  • Monday 18th November - Modern Slavery

  • Tuesday 19th November - Self Neglect

  • Wednesday 20th November - Domestic Abuse

  • Thursday 21st November - Ann Craft Trust Conference & My role in Safeguarding

  • Friday 22nd November - Transforming Care

  • Saturday 23rd November and Sunday 24th November - Safeguarding adults in sport and activity

We understand the different intricacies involved in adult safeguarding; our conversations with our social work, healthcare, and criminal justice communities demonstrate how complex it can be. This is why it’s really exciting to see a campaign that brings together the different areas of safeguarding.

How to get involved

Whether you are working directly with adults in a social work job, within the criminal justice sector (perhaps in a probation officer job role) or in frontline healthcare services, it is easy to show your support for this year’s National Safeguarding Adults Week.

"Safeguarding adults is the responsibility of all organisations and true open discussion is needed to get it right."

Source: Ann Craft Trust

The simplest way to show your support is to open up conversations about adult safeguarding. You may want to talk about it with your colleagues or learn from what others are doing to improve safeguarding practices. There will be information and resources available on the Ann Craft Trust website as well as plenty of conversations taking place online via social media using the hashtag #SafeguardingAdultsWeek.

What Ann Craft Trust have to say

We spoke directly to the Ann Craft Trust to find out more about the week.

“When we were first discussing the idea of having a National Safeguarding Adults Week in 2018, we had no idea of the journey ahead. But the buzz of activity, discussion and debate on social media and at events across the country was fantastic. It could not have happened without people’s commitment to safeguarding adults.

The Safeguarding Week 2019, which is in partnership with the University of Nottingham and the Safeguarding Adult Manager Network, is an opportunity to once again open up the discussion and work together to ensure that safeguarding adults is being addressed.

Deborah Kitson, Ann Craft Trust

How will you be supporting National Safeguarding Adults Week? If you have anything planned, please let us know and we’ll share the information with our community.