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Life in the UK – what to expect

By Luke Aldred

​You may be considering a career move to the UK to further your nursing or medical career. After all, the NHS is highly regarded around the world, and pioneering work takes place daily in cities such as London, Liverpool, and Cambridge.But moving to an entirely new country can bring about its own challenges. As well as considering if you have the right qualifications to work in the UK, you may need to consider any potential language or cultural barriers. At Sanctuary, we like to take care of our community. If you are arriving from another country, we’ll support you to ease the transition into UK life. After all, we know what a big adjustment relocating can be.To help make the transition process easier, here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect upon arrival to the UK.

You can expect a variety of languages and dialects

One of the great things about the UK is the exposure to a wide array of languages and cultures. Due to its proximity to neighbouring European countries, the UK is home to many different nationalities. This means that it’s not uncommon to hear languages such as English, Polish, Romanian, Italian, French, German and Spanish being spoken, particularly in multi-cultural cities such as London.

Of course, the UK also has its own languages and dialects. The Welsh are particularly proud of their own language and if you travel through Wales, you’ll be likely to see plenty of signs written in Welsh along with its English translation.

You can enjoy beautiful countryside

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful countryside’s in the world. As well as vibrant cities and bustling towns, we have some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes which are always of interest to international workers.

The traditional English seaside may sound quaint, but here in the UK, you can find stunning shorelines with sandy beaches which can rival any Mediterranean coast. We also have some dramatic backdrops which are worthy of a visit. Places such as the Lake District or Ben Nevis in Scotland offer wonderful views and hiking trails, allowing visitors to explore local areas at their leisure.

You can explore a rich history

Visitors to the UK are impressed by our rich culture and our historical landmarks. The UK takes its traditions very seriously and visitors love to see our heritage come to life in places such as Buckingham Palace.

As a historical nation, we have plenty of places of interest for those who want to explore our culture. You may wish to visit old buildings in cities such as Cambridge, explore the history of the Romans at Hadrian’s Wall or even see a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, thanks to Stonehenge.

You can benefit from affordable living costs

Life in the UK offers affordable living costs, making relocation an attractive option for many doctors and nurses. Like many countries, you may find that it’s more expensive to live directly in the centre of big cities but thanks to the NHS, there are opportunities to live and work in smaller, more affordable areas across the UK.

Of course, if your job opportunities are based upon big cities, it’s easy to adjust your living arrangements to offer greater affordability. Most places have great public transport links allowing you to commute to work easily and effectively.

Life in the UK is relatively simple, and we have provided a breakdown of your expected living costs which should make it easier to anticipate what you may need to pay for.

If you would like any guidance on what qualifications or visas you may need to move to the UK, please get in touch with one of our dedicated consultants.