Sanctuary Personnel rebrand

Introducing the new Sanctuary brand

By Andrew Pirie

The launch of our new brand and website brings the four Sanctuary divisions (Sanctuary Social Care, Sanctuary Executive, Sanctuary Health and Sanctuary Criminal Justice) together under one roof. The new brand is a symbol of connectivity and demonstrates our commitment to providing a brighter future for all; our employees; our contractors; our clients and the professionals we place.

James Rook, CEO, and Andrew Pirie, Marketing Director, have discussed the driving force behind the rebrand and how this will benefit both candidates and clients.

Why have you chosen to create a new look for your website?

James Rook: “We’re an ambitious company, and we’re continually working hard to improve our services for both our clients and communities. We’ve pulled our brands together to help us achieve our primary goal, which is to become the largest health and social care recruiter in the UK.”

Andrew Pirie:“Our new site is more than just a new look – technologically, it’s much more advanced. We’ve listened to what our community had to say, and we’ve invested in new ways to make job searches quicker and easier than ever before.

Why have you chosen a new logo?

Andrew Pirie: “Our new brand is a reshaping of how we present ourselves to the world. We are smoothing the circle on each aspect as we reimagine how we do business. The new logo is quite literally connecting the dots between our candidates and clients. We see this fluid logo as a symbol of our progression and agility."

How will the new website make it easier for me to find a new job role?

Andrew Pirie: “Technology has changed so quickly that we need to be able to support our candidates through every stage of the recruitment process – from identifying suitable opportunities to settling them into their new role. Our new website allows them to take greater control over their job search.”

James Rook: “The website has been developed to use data to reinforce human connectivity; matching thousands of professionals to the right career opportunities at just the right time. 

We truly believe that this new approach will redefine what health and social care professionals expect from their recruitment agency.”

How can the new website help with my career?

Andrew Pirie: “Not only will the website have more jobs than ever before, but we’ve packed our candidate areas with an array of resources to help with career development. Whether they’re looking for interview guides, interview question preparation sheets or even downloadable CPD activity log sheets, we’ve got it covered!”

What is the benefit of this new website for clients?

James Rook: “We know that if you’re recruiting for frontline staff, you need them immediately and our new site offers us much more flexibility and efficiency than ever before. If a client has a vacancy, they can simply upload their requirements online which allows us to start recruiting faster than ever before. Our understanding of the sectors allows us to pair our candidates with roles we know are a direct match to their skills, knowledge, experience and future aspirations. Our clients can still expect the same high standards of safe recruitment practice as this is what they have come to trust from working with us.”

If you are struggling to find anything on the website or would like some advice on how to make the most of your personal dashboard, then please get in touch with us.