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Case Study: Inclusion

By Gemma Raw

"Sanctuary are my go-to employment agency as I know they can meet my needs and the staff are always helpful, responsive and professional.”Tracy Braddock, Service Manager, One Recovery Bucks, Inclusion / SSSFT NHS Foundation Trust

One Recovery Bucks supports those affected by drugs and alcohol in Buckinghamshire. Led by Inclusion (part of the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). Focused purely on helping people struggling with substance misuse, recruiting highly experienced, ready to work, substance misuse workers remain crucial to its service delivery.

Sanctuary Criminal Justice was appointed in August 2014 to assist with Inclusion’s resourcing needs and has been working with them ever since.

The Challenge

Given the nature of substance misuse work and the high number of people accessing the service, substance misuse workers need to be ready to hit the ground running. 

The Solution

Sanctuary Criminal Justice has one of the UK’s most established talent pools of substance misuse professionals. Being a health recruitment specialist too, we are also on framework to supply nurses and recovery workers specialising in substance misuse to the NHS. 

Inclusion approached Sanctuary Criminal Justice, because unlike other agencies, we have specialist teams recruiting in niche areas of healthcare; in this case substance misuse. We focus on their specific requirements. We work with Inclusion to establish which specific experience and knowledge each candidate requires. In some cases, the professional needs to have more working knowledge of a specific type of abuse. 

We also ensure there’s no disruption to Inclusion’s services and that we are working within the NHS capped limits.

We’re proud to say that in four years we have placed 56 Substance Misuse Recovery Workers & Substance Misuse Nurses with Inclusion and are the organisation’s recruitment agency of choice.

“The quality of workers sent to us by Sanctuary has been good. They are quick to send varying CVs (but always relevant for the post) and always arrange over the phone interviews, which ensures an efficient process.   

“Each candidate sent for placement has been ready to ‘hit the ground running’ and they have been able to pick up a caseload ensuring safety and continuity for our service users. Being an NHS provider, we have set limits on price and Sanctuary work within these limits. Their finance system is easy to use and can be re-accessed at any time even if I haven’t used them for a while."- Tracy Braddock, Service Manager, One Recovery Bucks, Inclusion / SSSFT NHS Foundation Trust