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What makes a good Radiography colleague?

By Gemma Raw

According to the Society of Radiographers, research shows that members of teams that work well together provide higher quality and more innovative patient care, as well as experiencing lower levels of stress.

Of course, being successful at work doesn't mean you have to be best mates with everyone in your team. However, building good working relationships can help you be more effective and get more out of your job. Whether you're a diagnostic radiographer or a therapeutic radiographer, teamworking skills are vital to the smooth running of your department and the hospital.

Think holistically

In a radiography position you'll interface with many other health professionals, from A&E doctors and oncology specialists to administrators and support staff. Therefore, it's important to focus on developing good working relationships not just amongst your own team, but also with colleagues in the wider workforce. Make sure you understand their needs and expectations. 

Listen and learn

Sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues is a key part of your continuing professional development as a radiographer.

Be self-aware

Radiography jobs are concerned with attention to detail. So, why not use that skill to take a close look at yourself? Understanding how others see you can help you improve your working relationships. 

Be social

As a radiographer, you can easily find yourself focusing single-mindedly on service delivery, which may mean you struggle to find time to engage with colleagues. To build team spirit, maybe suggest a get-together after work or get everyone involved in a charity challenge?

Be tolerant

Try to keep personal feelings and prejudices out of the workplace. Be open-minded and accept that others may not see things the way you do. You should also avoid gossip and being cliquey.

Be independent minded

It's good to be a team player, but simply being a 'yes' person won't win you the respect of your fellow radiographers and other colleagues. If you don't think it's right for you to do something, you should have the confidence to decline, politely but firmly.

Think before you speak

Remember, everyone has bad days and a co-worker may not be in the mood for jokes and small talk. In addition, you need to be aware of cultural differences or religious sensitivities so that you don't cause offence with anything you say.

Finally, don't forget little things can count for a great deal. A cup of coffee, a compliment, a bit of support, even just a smile; they can all help to brighten someone's day and go towards making you a good colleague.

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