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​How social workers are regulated

By Gemma Raw

Social work is, quite rightly, a closely guarded profession in the UK. The title ‘social worker’ is protected. This means that only people registered UK regulatory body can practise social work. 

There are four regulators in the UK. Since your registration doesn’t automatically transfer between the regulators so you must be registered with correct one for the region you wish to work in.​

The four UK regulators are:

To be added to any of the registers, you must have an approved qualification which is the UK Social Work Degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) or equivalent. 

You must also meet the requirements of the regulator’s code of conduct and undergo background checks to ensure you have no criminal convictions. You can find out more about these checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).​

Once registered, you should meet all requirements for continued professional development and the code of conduct to ensure that you remain on the register.​

The regulatory bodies also investigate complaints of professional misconduct against social workers. 

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