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Getting through the midweek slump

By Gemma Raw

​If it’s Wednesday and you are feeling demotivated, how do you get over that, get your mojo back and make it to the end of the week?

Here’s a few pointers.

Refocus Wednesday

There are a number of ways to refocus as you hit the slump midweek. If you always find yourself struggling with motivation on a Wednesday, look at how you can reset yourself and carry on for the rest of the week. Many top tips centre around you being proactive and making things happen that will revive your enthusiasm. 

Even if you are feeling tired or distracted, re-evaluating your goals can help you get to the end of the week. 

Make a list and tick off the tasks that you have completed thus far and then prioritise what you still have to get done by the end of the week. Look at making Wednesday a highlight point of the week, give yourself something to look forward, either at work or during the day such as lunch out with friends. 

Break the routine

Exploring whether you can be more flexible in your working practices can offer a solution. Break your regular routines; reschedule the regular meetings and conference calls and use the middle of the week to focus on something different for a change. 

Use the half way point of the week – Wednesday lunchtime – to go out for a walk, to get some air and do some exercise either by going for a run, a lunchtime game of squash, a swim or a session at the gym. You may not feel like it, but a common feeling after exercise is that we not only feel more motivated but also more focussed. Perhaps a change of mindset can help, from “glass half empty” to “glass half full” as you count down towards the weekend.

Time to move on?

However, if you are spending your week focussing on 5pm Friday and looking forward to the weekend, that may be a sign that you are in the wrong job or simply demotivated and bored with what you are doing. Being unable to snap out of the Wednesday slump suggests that your current job just isn’t for you, so perhaps it’s time for change. 

Polish up you CV, look around for what you may want to do and dedicate time to searching for something new. If you are keen to try something new, then why not take a look at the latest job opportunities available with Sanctuary? We have a wide range of locum and permanent job roles, whether you work in probation, substance misuse, youth offending teams, offender healthcare or pharmacies.