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Finding the perfect offender healthcare job when you're busy

By Gemma Raw

​January is an ideal time to start thinking about a fresh challenge. But finding the right job in an area such as offender healthcare can be daunting, especially when your daily schedules are already pretty hectic. We may know we need to look for a new job but perhaps fear we simply haven’t got the time to job hunt.

However, there are some steps you can take that will make the search for a new offender healthcare role that much easier. Here are a few tips from our dedicated recruitment consultants to make the job search run more smoothly.

Put yourself in the job marketplace

A critical step lies in ensuring your profile and CV is up to date to reflect your current skill levels and achievements. Think about how you look on social media, in particular on LinkedIn, so that it is current and includes your outlook, latest qualifications and aspirations. The importance of regularly updating your CV cannot be overstated as it is usually the first document a potential employer will look at when considering you for an interview and you may be asked to forward it at short notice.

Highlight your experience

Read the details in the job advertisement carefully as you can tailor your CV to suit specific job applications and the roles that you target. Demonstrate your suitability for an offender healthcare role and highlight the knowledge and experience you have of caring for people with specific needs such as mental health or substance misuse issues. In addition to a current CV and an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, draft out your cover letter and use it as a template to respond – often at short notice - should the job you really fancy suddenly come up, enabling you to submit a prompt application.

Finding the right job for you

When looking for a new role as part of an offender healthcare team, think about what you want from the position, not just in terms of professional challenges and advancement but also the location. It is worth considering this in advance and planning your next step – whether into management or a move from a rural location to an inner-city area – as when the role is advertised, you’ll know that it is the one for you. Once you have narrowed down your goals, sign up to alerts so that job boards can notify you of any new opportunities that fall within your target area. 

Simple tips ease the job-hunt process

These simple, straightforward, tips to help ease the job-seeking process will mean you are well-prepared should that perfect healthcare offender job pop up out of the blue. Good organisational skills – in your personal and professional life - are always an asset and along with careful planning, will take the stress out of job-hunting. 

Alternatively, why not take a look at the latest offender healthcare job roles available via Sanctuary? We offer a wide range of positions across the UK, making it an easy choice. If you’d like to speak with any of our trained consultants about the roles, please get in touch with us.