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AMHP ​CV tips

By Gemma Raw

If you are an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP), you will know that there are a growing number of job opportunities available throughout the UK. But how can you set your CV apart from other similarly qualified professionals applying for the same role?

Our checklist below sets out some key tips for how you can make the most of your mental health experience on your CV.

Show off your experience

To apply for an AMHP job role, you are likely to need at least two years post-AMHP qualifying experience. Use your CV to demonstrate what you have achieved and what you have learnt from this. 

Remember to keep your expertise in date order (with the most recent experience at the top) and try to be as succinct as possible – after all hiring managers will not have time to read through long CVs. You may find it useful to use bullet points to highlight key areas of your expertise. 

If you’ve undertaken any relevant training courses whilst working in any previous positions make sure you include details of what the course was and when the training took place. It will demonstrate your commitment to continually updating your skills.

Use the job description to guide your CV

It can be easy to have one copy of your CV but this puts you at a disadvantage. Think of the job description as a guide for what your CV should entail – if the advert mentions particular jargon or keywords, make sure these are included within your CV. Technology is often used to scan CVs for particular keywords or phrases to filter out applicants. If a job advert uses a particular word, try to make sure it is included within your CV to ensure it is picked up automatically.

Showcase your personality (but not too much!) 

A CV is the first introduction that a potential employer may have of you therefore you want it to tread the fine balance of being professional and relevant, yet still memorable. 

Include a personal profile which not only demonstrates your passion for your job but also highlights your personality. You want to show that you are the right person for the job so if you have any quirky hobbies that may be relevant to the job role, then feel free to include these within your statement. 

Qualifications are key

You will need to make clear reference to your qualifications and training. Include dates and locations of where you achieved your AMHP certification and social work degree as well as referencing your HCPC registration number. You need to make it immediately clear to hiring managers that you are fully qualified for the role. 

Check, check, and check again

The biggest tip we can share with any potential employee is to ensure that you have proofread your CV from start to finish. You do not want to include any accidental typos or mistakes which could cause you to miss out on the job. Where possible, ask a family member or friend to read through – if they are not involved in the profession they may have a clearer perspective and will be able to ask if things aren’t clear enough. 

Once you’ve taken the time to finish your CV, it’s time to start applying for the job role. We have a wide range of AMHP job roles available across the UK. You can view our latest job vacancies on our website or you can speak to one of our trained consultants to find out more information.