Broadening your experience through shift work.

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Broadening your experience through shift work

Working temporary shifts at an NHS trust or private healthcare employer is a fantastic way to broaden your experience and exposure to different ways of working. Many nurses, HCAs and other healthcare professionals choose to work shifts not just to earn extra money, but to develop their knowledge and progress their career. It’s also a great way to explore different localities within an NHS Trust or private healthcare group.

Learn from a wider range of people

Working shifts, the chances are, you won’t work with the same people all the time, unless you auto-book shifts at a specific location. Meeting and working with other healthcare professionals, you’ll learn far more than if you were just working with the same team all the time. If you choose to work within a multidisciplinary setting, you will learn from colleagues you wouldn’t normally spend a concentrated amount of time with.

Opportunity to be involved in specialist projects

You can give your CV a real boost by opting for shift work on a landmark project or brand new setting. Some may even be a once in a lifetime opportunity, for example, working shifts at one of the UK’s Mass COVID Vaccination Pods.

Flex around further studies

You may even choose to engage in further study in a specialist area of healthcare. Working shifts enables you to manage your study time more efficiently, whilst gaining relevant experience.

You choose when and where you work

At Sanctuary, we have a broad range of shifts for healthcare professionals to choose from each week across the NHS and private healthcare. These are uploaded to our live roster, which you can see and select through our system. Once our Shift Booking Team has created a profile for you, and you have completed the compliance process, you simply select the locations you’re interested in working at and the shifts you want. Better still, you can check-off when you’re available to work, opt for auto-book and our system will make sure you are first to secure a shift in your chosen locations.

Plus, you choose when you get paid with Daily Pay as an option.

You can find out more about shift work, or to get started, register to book shifts with Sanctuary.