Benefits of working shifts.

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Benefits of working shifts

What are the advantages of working shifts as a healthcare professional? Well, some perks are obvious with the additional income and flexibility of choosing when and where you work. But there are some additional career benefits too, which we explore below.

More work flexibility

Shift work allows you to work longer hours over a few days, meaning you have more flexibility over the hours you wish to work. This is particularly useful if you have childcare commitments or if you want to commit to a specific work pattern (e.g. night shifts) that perhaps you wouldn’t be able to do in your current job. Many nurses and HCAs like to work a variety of shifts because it gives them more time to do what they want to do outside of work.

With Sanctuary’s shift booking system, it’s even easier to manage your availability. You have control over when and where you work shifts. With our live roster system, you can easily see the shifts you’ve booked and identify others that fit around your schedule.

Top up your pay

It’s extremely easy to pick up extra shift work when you need it. In the lead-up to Christmas or holidays, it enables you to effectively top up your wages. You can also benefit from Daily Pay with Sanctuary, meaning you don’t have to wait long at all to see your earnings in your bank account.

Less travel costs

Some healthcare professionals prefer working shifts rather than a full-time role because it gives them the opportunity to condense their hours over less days. If you live far from the hospital, you could reduce your travel costs with fewer trips back and forward.

Career benefits

Every week, Sanctuary receives thousands of shifts from NHS trusts and private healthcare employers across the UK. This means, those working shifts can gain experience working in different localities. It’s one of the quickest ways to broaden your CV and try working in different settings. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn along the way.

Help relieve the pressure on your colleagues

By working shifts, healthcare professionals play an incredibly important role in supporting their colleagues in being able to safely care for people at their most vulnerable. Those working shifts often form a strong bond with full-time permanent staff. The chances are, you’ll find a location you really enjoy working at and know well. With the option to auto-book shifts, you’ll never miss a shift at that location again!

You can find out more about shift work, or to get started, register to book shifts with Sanctuary.