Your radiography career.


Your radiography career

​Be prepared for every stage of your radiography career.

First job and interviews

How to start a career in radiography

What should I know before becoming a radiographer? What are the different types of radiography? How much do radiographers earn? Find out more...

The career path of a radiographer

We’ve mapped out the career path of a radiographer. Here are the duties you can expect as you progress through each stage of your career.

What makes a good radiography colleague?

Building good working relationships can help you be more effective and get more out of your job.

Setting first day expectations

New NHS job? Here's how to prepare for your first day…

Progression insights

How to progress your radiography career

How to progress your radiography career through in-house training, clinical supervision and resources from the Society and College of Radiographers.

Switching between roles and services

Leaving your job amicably

Discover how you can leave a job and keep the door open for a future return.