Your physiotherapy career.


Your physiotherapy career

Be prepared for every stage of your physiotherapy career.

First job and interviews

How to start a career in physiotherapy

How to start a career in physiotherapy; find out about qualifications, the type of work physiotherapists do & starting salaries for physiotherapists.

The career path of a physiotherapist

The career path of a physiotherapist. We explore the journey between physiotherapy support work roles and advanced clinical practice roles.

What makes a good physiotherapist?

Here's our list of the top six personal qualities we think you need to be a top-notch physiotherapist...

Choosing a physiotherapy recruitment agency

Here are the questions you should ask when choosing a physiotherapy recruitment agency to work with.

Getting your physiotherapy CV out there

​How and where can you distribute your physiotherapy CV to get maximum exposure and have the best chance of being selected for interview?

Choosing the right physiotherapy job for you

Choosing the right physiotherapy job for you is important. We discuss the benefits of permanent physiotherapy jobs & the benefits of agency physiotherapy jobs.

Top 10 tips for perfecting a video interview

More and more employers are embedding digital platforms into their recruitment process so it helps to be prepared for it - here's our top tips.

Preparing for a physiotherapy interview

We discuss the important things to consider when preparing for a physiotherapy interview, including how to incorporate your CPD and learnings from research.

7 common physiotherapy interview questions

​Job interviews are a chance to confidently show prospective employers why they should hire you. Here are a few questions that commonly crop up and how to answer them effectively.

How to tell an interviewing panel more about yourself

How to answer the "tell me about yourself" question in an nursing interview scenario.

Setting first day expectations

Here's some advice to ensure you are prepared for your first day.

Progression insights

Small talk in physiotherapy

Here are a few tips to help you become a leading practitioner in the art of conversation...

Preparing your physiotherapy CPD portfolio

Information on preparing your physiotherapy CPD portfolio and how to use the learning activity to aid career development.

How to develop your physiotherapy career​

How to develop your physiotherapy career using clinical supervision, CSP’s physiotherapy framework and a leadership development programme.

Boost your physiotherapy career with better leadership skills

Find out how the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Leadership Development Programme helps physiotherapists gain vital team leadership skills.

Mentoring in physiotherapy

We explain what you should look for in a mentor and how to find a physiotherapy mentorship scheme…

Switching between roles or services

How to switch to a career in physiotherapy

How to switch to a career in physiotherapy. We answer questions like ‘what career opportunities are available once I qualify as a physiotherapist?’ and more…

Returning to physiotherapy after a career break

Here’s everything you need to know about returning to physiotherapy after a career break including CPD, training and re-registration.

Leaving your job amicably

Discover how you can leave a job and keep the door open for a future return.

Work/life interview pieces

Learning disability physiotherapy

​We speak to physiotherapist Tess Ellis who has a background in learning disability physiotherapy and find out why she’s so passionate about postural care.

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