Your nursing career.

your nursing career, how do i start a career in nursing, how to develop your nursing career, how to advance your nursing career, how do i switch to a career in nursing?
your nursing career, how do i start a career in nursing, how to develop your nursing career, how to advance your nursing career, how do i switch to a career in nursing?

Your nursing career

Be prepared for every stage of your nursing career.

Starting out

How to start a career in nursing

We explore the different routes into the nursing profession and the variety of roles available, covering nursing qualifications, registering as a nurse and earning potential.

The four nursing specialisms

More information on the four nursing specialisms; adult nursing, paediatric nursing, learning disability nursing and mental health nursing.

The different nursing specialties

After choosing to work in one of the four nursing specialisms, there’s many ways to diversify your career further – like considering the different nursing specialties.

The benefits of community nursing

The role of community nurse is vital in a modern, integrated healthcare system.

Choosing between perm, bank and locum nursing jobs

For those who are entering the profession and presented with the opportunity to work in permanent, bank or locum nursing roles, we have outlined some of the positives of each to help you make an informed decision.

How to choose a nursing recruitment agency

Key considerations when choosing a nursing recruitment agency are NHS frameworks, safe recruitment, knowledge, relationships and support.

Why choosing just one nursing agency can be a smart move

Why so many locum nurses choose to stick with one recruitment company.

Choosing the right nursing job for you

It's important to decide what's most important to you when choosing a nursing job. Is it location, NHS/private/community settings, shift patterns, ambitions or employer reputation?

Interviews and first job

​Preparing for your first nursing interview

Preparing for your first nursing interview is hugely important. We answer questions like ‘where will my nursing interview be?’, ’who is on a nursing interview panel’ and more…

Top 10 tips for perfecting a video interview

More and more employers are embedding digital platforms into their recruitment process so it helps to be prepared for it - here's our top tips.

Using psychology at your nursing job interview

Psychology plays a big part in all human interactions and job interviews are no different. Of course it's important to show off your skills and experience as a nurse. But thinking about the psychology behind the interview experience can also help you land that nursing job.

5 common nursing interview questions

Improve your answers to questions asked in a general nursing interview.

Preparing for your mental health nursing interview

Improve your answers to questions asked in a mental health nursing interview.

7 common community nursing interview questions

Improve your answers to questions asked in a community nursing interview.

How to tell an interviewing panel more about yourself

How to answer the "tell me about yourself" question in an nursing interview scenario.

Setting first day expectations

Here's some advice to ensure you are prepared for your first day.

Relocating to the UK to work as a nurse

We have written a series of blogs to support nurses who are relocating to the UK, these can be found on our moving to the UK and NHS pages.

Returning from career breaks and balancing family life

Shift work and what you need to know...

Shift work can prove hugely beneficial, especially if you have other commitments outside of work you need to attend to, but it can also be tiring. We've included some tips to help you adjust.

What support is available for nurses?

​We share details of some emotional and practice support services that are designed specifically for nurses.

Returning to nursing after a career break

Returning to your nursing career is straightforward. We share what you should do to re-join the NMC register.

Career gaps on your CV

Whatever the reason for time out of your job as a nurse, there's no need to try to cover up your career break. Nursing jobs are demanding, and a potential employer shouldn't see it as a negative that you needed some time to focus on other priorities in your life.

Balancing nursing shifts with family life

Achieving a balance between shift work and family life is something nurses are familiar with, but there are some extra things you could do to help your family adjust.

Progression insights

Preparing your nursing CPD

All you need to know about preparing and updating your nursing CPD records.

How to develop your nursing career

​Find out how to develop your nursing career and maintain your NMC registration through training, networking, secondments and locum nursing jobs.

How to advance your nursing career

How to advance your nursing career using the knowledge and skills framework (KSF) and locum or community nursing roles.

How mentoring can be good for your nursing career

Mentoring from a more experienced nursing colleague can thoroughly improve professional practice... So how can you ensure it supports career progression too?

Switching roles or services

How to switch to a career in nursing

For those considering switching to a career in nursing, we consider whether the nursing degree course or apprenticeship route would be right for you, and other fast-track courses which could get you out to work quicker.

Leaving your job amicably

Discover how you can leave a job and keep the door open for a future return.

Getting on with your co-workers

Here are a few tips to help you build good working relationships with your nursing colleagues.

Take your career in the right direction

​Are you thinking moving into a more senior nursing role or a different nursing specialism? How do you make sure you follow a career path that's right for you?

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