Support for Senior Executives.


Executive careers support

Sanctuary Executive offers more just an executive-level social work resourcing service. Our support is highly tailored to your individual ambitions, placing you in a role where you can excel and truly showcase your ability to make a measurable impact.

Download our executive interview guide - children's services

Download our executive interview guide - adult services

An expert understanding

Our executive-level social work consultants are highly experienced and incredibly well connected with local authorities and executive hiring managers. We have often worked directly with them - either on a managed service, master vendor or bespoke project basis.

This means we are in a unique position to place you in your next senior social work role.  

A career partnership

Finding you a role you can truly excel in is more than a job to us; it’s a career partnership. By taking a highly personalised approach, we can help you strategically map out your career so that you never lose momentum. 

Exclusive access to executive-level roles

Are looking for a role where you can make drastic service social work improvements or are interested in pioneering a new way of working? We’ll not only know the most suitable organisation, but the person who makes the hiring decisions. 

We do not wait for opportunities to appear, we proactively create them, since we are close enough to our clients to thoroughly understand what their social work delivery challenges are. 

Working at an executive-level, we take a discreet approach so that we can make the best connections on your behalf without impacting your current commitments.  

Even if you are not quite ready to make the move, it’s always worth having a conversation – contact us!