Your probation career.


Your probation career

Starting out

How to start a career in probation

Everything you need to know about a career in probation.

Starting your career as a probation service officer

Are you keen to work as a probation service officer? Find out how you can start your career...

Starting your probation officer career

Find out what qualifications are needed to start your career as a probation officer. We explore the national assessment days and the PQIP programme.

Using the right language on your CV

How can you ensure that your CV makes an impact? This is where the choice of language comes into play.

​Interviews and first job

Using psychology to boost your probation interview

How to use psychology to impress at your interview.

Get ready for your probation officer interview

To ease your nerves ahead of your next job interview, we’re sharing some insights into what preparation you can do.

You've got the job! What's next?

There’s much to consider ahead of your first day.

Progression insights

How to advance your probation career

Find out more about how to advance your probation career through training and multi-agency working.

Network your way to a new career

Networking may help you meet somebody who inspires, challenges or encourages you to take the next step in your career.

Moving ahead in your probation career

If you are keen to move ahead in your probation career, then it’s wise to review your CV and ensure that you’re highlighting the most appropriate skills.

Cutting down a lengthy probation CV

Here are a few pointers on how to make your CV relevant, concise and accessible.

Switching between roles or services

Considering a switch from social work to a probation job role?

Information for those working in social work hoping to switch to a probation role.

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