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There’s a reason why Sanctuary Criminal Justice is a trusted resourcing partner to a nationwide community of criminal justice employers. Placing people and safe recruitment at the heart of everything we do, Sanctuary is on framework to supply healthcare professionals through Crown Commercial Service (CCS), Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) and HealthTrust Europe. We are also a preferred supplier to over 160 local authorities as well as substance misuse charities, HM Prison Service, The National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies. When it comes to finding you high-calibre candidates, nobody is better placed to help.

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Raise your visibility as a criminal justice employer of choice. We’ve already invested in intelligent talent management technology, so you don’t have to.

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Benefit from a tailored hiring strategy, unrivalled candidate matching, regular progress reporting and a wraparound safe recruitment model.

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Smarter criminal justice recruitment starts here. Relieve your short-term resourcing issues today and build a more resilient long-term workforce for tomorrow.


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We have an evergreen supply of youth offending, probation, substance misuse, offender health and forensic mental health professionals throughout the UK. We match high-calibre qualified and unqualified criminal justice professionals, to your exact needs. Whether you require a specialist or a multidisciplinary team, we know how to find just the right people, and fast.

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Criminal Justice Staffing Solutions

There’s a reason why we are a preferred criminal justice, health and social care resourcing partner to more than 180 public sector organisations, including the NHS, high-profile charities and private organisations. It’s simple. We place people first. Our criminal justice recruitment consultants offer an award-winning service. A service that appreciates the complex nature of supporting those who encounter the UK’s criminal justice system. The healthcare, probation and youth offending professionals we support trust us to find them highly suitable positions within the criminal justice system. This is why we have one of the most comprehensive far-reaching communities of criminal justice professionals in the UK.For our clients, this means we can recruit the right person, for the right role, every time. We do this whilst operating one of the most thorough candidate compliance processes in our sector that takes account of the extra security checks required for those working within criminal justice. Explore your criminal justice resourcing options At Sanctuary Criminal Justice, we know there’s a sweet spot in criminal justice recruitment; a place where client and candidate needs are met, without fail. Employers who chose to partner with Sanctuary Criminal Justice value this. They trust us to resolve their resourcing pain points. This can be on a managed service basis or you might simply need a resourcing partner you can plug into - as and when you need support. Being an on-framework supplier to the NHS and a preferred supplier to public, voluntary and private sector organisations across the UK, we’ve made it as easy as possible to access our services. Locum criminal justice recruitmentOur specialist locum criminal justice resourcing teams have created trusted relationships with candidates throughout the UK. Whether you are finding it difficult to recruit offender healthcare or community rehabilitation professionals or feel as if you have exhausted your pool of candidates, we can help. At Sanctuary Criminal Justice, we love nothing more than a challenge. If you have contract roles you are finding difficult to resource, we have just the right answer. Permanent criminal justice recruitmentOur 360-degree permanent criminal justice recruitment service is an attractive option for employers looking to create the very best healthcare teams. We can quickly resource permanent professionals across the entire spectrum, from experienced probation and youth offending officers, to healthcare professionals specialising in supporting the recovery of those addicted to specific types of substances. We’ll take a deep-dive into your permanent resourcing needs. Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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Criminal Justice Compliance Service

Placing highly qualified experienced criminal justice candidates doesn’t just happen by chance. How do we know this? Because we are at our happiest working in a highly regulated environment. As one of the largest and well-respected criminal justice, health and social care recruiters in the UK, nobody’s compliance processes are more rigorous than ours. Our multi-point candidate checking process is one of the most robust in the industry, making it ideal for criminal justice recruitment. Without fail, we always meet each candidate face-to-face before placement and undertake all the required checks. This gives you peace of mind that your candidates are safe, suitably qualified and experienced to support offenders within your care. Let us take the pressure offWhatever your onboarding pain points, we can make sure compliance isn’t one of them. We can handle the entire process, even if we haven’t sourced the candidates.How does it work?Once we are provided with information about a candidate, our multi-checking process starts. By no-means an exhaustive list, our checks involve:Full employment historyPersonal references of employment and performance history Training and qualifications Professional registration Identity and original identity documents in person (face to face)Immigration status/Right to Work in the UKDisclosure and Barring Service and overseas police checks for new entrantsOccupational health screening for role/occupational health review for all clinical staffUp-to-date statutory and role relevant trainingSecurity clearance Many roles within the criminal justice sector require additional security clearance. At Sanctuary Criminal Justice, we work with clients and candidates to assist the completion of applying for appropriate clearances. We also manage, where possible, the transference of security clearance from one employer to the other. The most common types of clearance include: Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, undertaken at application stage for all workers and renewed on an annual basis. Sanctuary is a DBS umbrella body (DBS Registered Body Number 29688400006), enabling us to process online DBS applications in-house, often resulting in a faster turnaround National Offender Management Service (NOMS) clearance, carried out for those working in prisons Police Vetting, carried out for those working in a police environmentWe will also apply for an overseas police check if a candidate has been outside the UK for any period over 6 months.Our approach ensures your compliance procedures adhere to the UK legislative requirements and NHS Employer Standards. As an on-framework supplier to the NHS, we strictly follow Crown Commercial Services (CCS), Collaborative Procurement Programme (CPP) and HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework compliance terms.It means you can safely mobilise entire teams of criminal justice and offender healthcare professionals, without delay. ​Contact us today to find out how you could benefit from outsourcing your compliance services.

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Submit a Criminal Justice Job

​Do you have a role or several vacancies you need to fill? And fast? Simply upload a few details using the form below and a specialist consultant will be in touch to discuss your recruitment needs. ​​

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Criminal Justice Safe Recruitment

As a trusted criminal justice recruitment partner to over 180 UK-based employers, we place safe recruitment at the heart of everything we do. We believe, this is not just best practice, but our duty. A duty we take seriously as an on-framework agency and DBS umbrella organisation. We are proud to say we operate one of the most rigorous compliance processes within our sector. This means, the candidates we place with you are not only suitable for the role but have been appropriately vetted. Face-to-face vettingAs a starting point, all our candidates partake in a robust compliance checking process before they start their placement. This includes a face-to-face meeting, where original documents are seen and verified. Here, they are also interviewed to identify their suitability for specific roles. This is extremely important in criminal justice recruitment.As a DBS registered body, Sanctuary physically checks and processes criminal record and safeguarding documentation to ensure each candidate is safe to work. We also have screening processes in place to check professional registration and employment history. Our compliance checks include:Proof of identity (provided in person)Full employment history Verification of professional registration Checking of professional referee details for the last 5 yearsVerification of training and qualificationsDisclosure and Barring Service and relevant overseas police checks Proof of eligibility to work in the UK Check on up—to-date statutory and role specific training Occupational health screening (for relevant services)This approach ensures our recruitment services are always compliant and that we adhere to the safe recruitment guidelines for those working with vulnerable people, as set out through local and national government, as well as the Crown Commercial Services, The Collaborative Procurement Partnership and HealthTrust Europe frameworks. Security clearanceSome criminal justice roles require additional clearance or vetting. This could be Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks and additional vetting by the prison service or police force. As a DBS umbrella body, Sanctuary can process online DBS applications in house. We also guide candidates in completing any information required for prison or police clearance. Sometimes we may be asked to place someone in a category A prison or an immigration centre where Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) is required. Again, we assist candidates through the process and check to see whether existing CTC clearance can be transferred between employers. Let Sanctuary assist in your recruitment project, submit a vacancy!

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Criminal Justice Master Vendor

We don’t need to tell you how tough it can be recruiting offender healthcare and criminal justice professionals. These are highly skilled roles that require just the right experience. Skills shortages coupled with the growing demand to support offenders with mental health and substance misuse issues, means there’s a huge pressure on hiring managers. One that can sometimes feel insurmountable. The temptation is to use several agencies in the hope that it will increase your chances of filling vacancies quicker. Sometimes though, in times of critical shortages, having more resourcing partners can make things too complicated. Funnelling all your locum resourcing needs through Sanctuary Criminal Justice – your ‘master vendor’ – you will gain back significant control of your criminal justice vacancies, with:Reduced resourcing costs Increased visibility of expenditureMore efficient back-office processesAppointing us as your master vendor, you’ll gain:Access to a greater pool of offender healthcare and criminal justice professionals Experienced consultants who will quickly find you the best candidatesA simple, user-friendly vendor systemThe most robust compliance processes in the marketSupport from our experienced recruitment marketing teamA smooth end-to-end processA successful master vendor relationship is all about placing people first. We have fantastic working relationships with most vendor neutral and managed service providers in healthcare and criminal justice. Supporting 2nd tier agencies is something we are renowned for. Our single process, followed by all suppliers, is at the heart of our operations.  We are proud to say that on average we reduce our clients’ year-on-year agency staff spend by 10-15%.      Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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Criminal Justice Perm Staffing

Are you looking for permanent offender healthcare, forensic mental health or substance misuse professionals? Or perhaps you want help recruiting youth offending or probation officers? We can help you find highly suitable candidates, every time.A bespoke serviceOur 360-degree permanent criminal justice recruitment service will find you the most able candidates; not simply the most available. Our specialist permanent criminal justice consultants spend time understanding your organisation. We look at the challenges you face, the community of offenders you support, and recommend a permanent recruitment solution to meet your resourcing needs. Our reachOur reach spans the whole of the UK with registered candidates specialising in the following services:Youth offending Probation Substance MisuseOffender health Forensic mental healthThat means your vacancy is guaranteed to reach the people you are looking to attract.Mobile full teamsWe have developed trusted long-term relationships with hiring managers throughout England, Scotland and Wales and are often called upon to mobilise entire teams. We fully account manage the whole process, with both employer and potential employee, giving you back the gift of time.Attractive fee structureTraditionally, attracting the right criminal justice candidates, of the required volume is expensive. But with Sanctuary Criminal Justice’s permanent criminal justice recruitment service, it’s completely free, with a fee only payable when you recruit one of the professionals we supply.That provides you with a risk-free opportunity to employ the right people for even your most difficult-to-fill criminal justice vacancies.Find out why hundreds of organisations choose to recruit with Sanctuary, contact us today!

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Criminal Justice Locum Staffing

Sanctuary Criminal Justice is much more than a locum criminal justice recruitment partner. We deliver innovative resourcing solutions to meet your exacting needs, no matter how challenging.Our Criminal Justice team has a strong track record in recruitment for locum NHS roles, pharmacy and probation jobs, as well as jobs in youth offending, and substance misuse. Our community Our criminal justice recruitment experts have created trusted relationships with sizeable clusters of locum criminal justice professionals nationwide. We have offender health, substance misuse, forensic mental health, probation and youth offending professionals, ready to work across every pocket of the UK. This means, wherever you are based, we can meet any and every locum resourcing demand you place on us, quickly and easily. We recruit at all levels, but we also realise the importance of recruiting professionals who have experience of working with offenders. This is particularly important when placing qualified mental health professionals and nurses.On framework recruitmentSanctuary adheres to the rules that cap and control agency spend, as set out by Monitor and the Trust Development Authority for all NHS trusts in England.We are proud to be appointed by the three main NHS frameworks (Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) and HealthTrust Europe. A trusted resourcing partner, this means we can supply the broadest possible range of offender healthcare professionals to NHS trusts across the UK. View the frameworks we are on and the Lots we can supplyTrusted, safe recruitmentWith our market-leading compliance and safeguarding processes, you can be assured that all staff provided have been thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind.Let's get started! Register a vacancy with Sanctuary, or contact us.

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Criminal Justice Frameworks

We are proud to say that Sanctuary Criminal Justice is one of the largest on-framework criminal justice resourcing agencies in the UK. Robust, safe recruitment that places fully compliant, qualified criminal justice professionals is in our DNA. We are at our happiest working in an environment that is highly regulated. We are on the three main NHS frameworks; Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) and HealthTrust Europe. A trusted resourcing partner, this means we can supply offender healthcare professionals to NHS trusts across the UK. Our preferred supplier statusSanctuary Criminal Justice is a preferred supplier to over 160 local authorities and provides staff to the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales. We also work closely with the National Probation Service and other organisations connected to the criminal justice system. Resilient staffing solutions Working in partnership with our clients, we are driving further integrity into the recruitment process. Our cloud-based timesheet and expense processing, payroll, billing, contract management and reporting system is one of the most streamlined in the market.Find out why hundreds of employers trust Sanctuary as their recruitment partner, register a job today!

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Criminal Justice RPO

Depending on your criminal justice recruitment requirements, you may need more support than simply sourcing and placing candidates. This is especially true if the roles are traditionally hard-to-fill. As an RPO, Sanctuary Criminal Justice can act as an extension of your HR function, even within tightly regulated environments. We can manage every aspect of your recruitment; from finding the right professionals experienced at supporting offenders, to placement and beyond! At the heart of each RPO agreement is a recruitment business plan tailored specifically to your organisation. We specialise on placing the most able professionals experienced at working with offenders. We also have robust compliance processes to ensure safe recruitment is thoroughly considered at every single stage. The benefits of an RPO solution:Your designated RPO Project Manager will work either on or off-site with you. Their role is to ensure every step is carefully managed and co-ordinated. How much support we provide you with will depend on your individual needs, but typically this involves: Microscopic examination of resourcing needs with an all-inclusive workforce resourcing strategy Full-service marketing support, including employer brand consultation Talent engagement and strategic acquisition 360° candidate communications Robust compliance and safe recruitment Pre-employment screening, including interviews Vendor and supply chain management We’ll review your recruitment pain points and recommend a plan that we know will attract just the right candidates for you. To find out more about our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, contact us.

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