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Sanctuary Criminal Justice is committed to helping you achieve your career ambitions. Our careers hub is a central resource for people at every stage of their criminal justice career. We hope you find it helpful.

Find your ideal role today

Consider how much easier it would be if securing your next role was simply a couple of clicks away. That once registered, you only ever hear about jobs that tick every box. Where you can relax and even enjoy the process. At Sanctuary Personnel, we pair our candidates with roles we know are a direct match to their skills, knowledge, experience and future aspirations.

Your career path

We know working within the criminal justice system is not without its challenges. It can be hard to find the time to sit back and reflect on your career path. From the moment you register with us, we will be by your side, helping you make important decisions with our unbiased person-centred advice.

Key stages of our support during your careers

Looking for a Job

Enjoy exclusive access to a wide variety of suitable roles within the criminal justice system.Find your next offender healthcare, substance misuse, youth offending or probation role, quicker. With direct access to hundreds of criminal justice jobs across the UK, we know there’s an ideal role for you. How? Because we know how to match your experience, knowledge and your working preferences to positions that will help you move forward in your career. Each week, criminal justice employers, charities and private sector organisations, trust us to place people just like you into well-supported suitable roles. So, if you can’t find the perfect job today, there’s a high chance you’ll find it tomorrow. Enjoy exclusive access to the most sought-after criminal justice and offender healthcare roles and register today.

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Applying for a Job

Let us take the weight out of the criminal justice job application process for you, with our job-matching service.It’s great to have many criminal justice roles to choose from. But how do you know that a job is an exact match? That it gives you the chance to use your existing skills and knowledge.Our Sanctuary Criminal Justice consultants place people first. We’ll never see you as a number. We recruit with integrity. We understand working in a criminal justice setting is challenging. But it can also be incredibly rewarding if you are placed in a suitable role. One you feel in supported and safe in. It’s our role to guide you throughout the application process. So, if your CV needs editing, we’ll advise you on exactly what you can do to make it sharper and more competitive. And if you want to move into a different area of criminal justice or would like to explore working in the non-for-profit sector, we can help with that too. A career with Sanctuary Criminal Justice is driven by your individual needs.Looking for a new job? Check out our latest criminal justice jobs.

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Job Interviews

We’ve found you a criminal justice role that's perfect for you. The next step is to highlight your skills at interview.We’ll only present you with job opportunities that are a direct match, whether you are looking for a locum or permanent role. This means, your chances of landing the role are higher than normal.Your consultant will know everything about your future employer. They’ll be aware of the demographics of the offenders currently being supported and the challenges faced. They’ll also have a strong understanding of the employer’s preferred models of care and support and they'll be familiar with the team set-up and working environment. Crucially, they’ll also know what processes the employer has in place to support you in your role. We pass this information on to you so that you can prepare for your interview. We even have a series of downloadable interview preparation resources.Looking for a new job? Check out our latest criminal justice jobs.

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Career Development

Register as a candidate with Sanctuary Criminal Justice and you’ll always make positive career choices.Everyone needs to feel looked-after, especially within the criminal justice system. Whilst you are busy caring for patients or helping offenders through their rehabilitation, we’ll help look after your professional self. We’ve helped thousands of criminal justice and healthcare professionals; we know exactly what makes a successful criminal justice career. Our approach always starts with understanding what makes you happy. Whilst we cannot resolve front line pressures, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you always feel in control of your career. Before each locum position comes to an end, we’ll already be hard at work identifying other opportunities based on your preferences and ambitions.Let's start the process, register with Sanctuary today!

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