Vaughan Graham

Recruitment Consultant

  1. 0333 7000 022

​“I couldn't leave Sanctuary without saying “thank you” to Vaughan. He went to great efforts to understand me as a professional. He asked questions about my job and had a good understanding of my role, which I really appreciated. It also allowed Sanctuary to offer me roles that suited me rather than wasting time.

There’s nothing superficial about Vaughan as a consultant – he was a genuine constant support throughout my time as a candidate, even allowing me to sound off during difficult times. He went over and above to provide a good service and it will not be forgotten.

I often listened to the issues other agency workers had experienced, which made me feel fortunate to be working with Vaughan at Sanctuary.

I have a very good job now thanks to you Vaughan, but I am sure at some point I will need a new challenge. When I do, I will certainly contact Sanctuary.” Team Manager

Vaughan Graham