Neil Swager

Recruitment Consultant

  1. 03300521927

Here's what Neil's candidates say about him:

"I have been working with Neil for just a few months. He has not only secured me two brilliant contracts, he has supported me through other interviews as well. He has been able to assist me with my compliance to a high standard, and has always been supportive when I have had any difficulties. Neil has taken the time to get to know me and my circumstances, so that he can provide me the best support possible and knows without asking, which jobs I am likely to take. He is always respectful and checks-in to ensure my wellbeing regularly, which is very supportive of him." Band 6 Community Psychiatric Nurse

"It was a big relief getting Neil on board as a consultant for me. He understood my needs and expectations right from the start and he has been very quick, pleasant and positive to resolve issues I present to him. He doesn't make empty promises. If he says he will get back to me, that is exactly what he will do. My current contract was swift and it did not take him long to organise. It's always a great pleasure communicating with Neil be it verbally or via email." Band 6 Crisis Community Psychiatric Nurse

"First of all, I found Neil to be very helpful, pleasant and polite. I can't thank him enough for his patience, attitude and humour." Band 6 Community Psychiatric Nurse, Recovery Support Team

Neil Swager