Ben Fincham

Recruitment Consultant

  1. 07458142945

Tesitmonal - External Affairs Officer

The below is a Tesitmonal for one of Ben's candidate and his expeirence.

"I have personally reached out to Ben as soon as I had seen the advert and we established a professional relationship very quickly. As soon as I have sent Ben my CV, he called me back and traced through my professional experiences to assess my suitability for the role and submitted my CV for evaluation. After I got the interview, Ben called me once again for interview tips and called me after the interview to receive feedback. Upon the decision of my recruitment, Ben personally called me again to give the good news. Ben had been very open for communication and very attentive to all questions and problems before, during and after my recruitment process including allocating times for me even on his annual leave. He has been one of the most professional recruiters I have worked with and I would definitely contact with Ben for other positions for the same seamless experience. I would highly recommend Ben’s services and highly appreciate his commitment, empathetic approach towards job-seekers and professional attitude towards his position."

Ben Fincham