Andrew Pirie

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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Andrew brings more than two decades of marketing and customer engagement experience to Sanctuary Personnel.

Since 2008, he has led the company’s marketing, communications, brand, market research and business growth initiatives. He has helped elevate the company to one of the leading health and social care recruitment brands in the UK.

Andrew specialises in deepening engagement within the health and social care professional community. As such, he is heavily involved in using technology to change the narrative on what candidates and clients should expect from a recruitment partner.

It’s not just Sanctuary’s growth he feels passionate about. He delivers high-impact client marketing recruitment campaigns. The Hertfordshire Family Safeguarding £4.8m multidisciplinary project, being an example. Sanctuary’s wraparound recruitment marketing involved creating a new brand, website, and high-impact advertising campaign inside of three weeks. Teams of this nature and scale had never been created before, but with 55 high calibre professionals recruited within the client’s deadline, the project was given the best possible start.

For his team’s efforts, Sanctuary proudly scooped an IRP Award for ‘Best Recruitment Campaign and Client Partnership’.

When he’s not pushing the boundaries of recruitment marketing, Andrew likes to stay well within the lines as a Football Coach to young aspiring footballers. And when he needs a well-earned break, he loves to travel.

Andrew Pirie