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Sanctuary launches shift work Daily Pay in time for Christmas

By Vanessa Mutimer

​From 26 November 2020, if you’re being paid PAYE and working a shift through Sanctuary, you’ll have even greater freedom over when you get paid with the introduction of Daily Pay.

As our promise you, if timesheets are submitted through InTime by 11am, we’ll process a BACS payment that same day, provided it’s not a weekend of bank holiday.

This is fantastic news for our community of healthcare professionals. There’s no six day wait, which is standard at most other agencies.

If you submit your timesheet on the Tuesday, your BACS payment will reach you by Thursday, which is perfect in the run-up to Christmas.

Just remember though, you will need to opt-in first, which you can do within InTime.

Why book shifts through Sanctuary?

Having greater flexibility over when you get paid isn’t the only perk of working shifts through Sanctuary.

Not only do we receive 1000s of shifts from NHS trusts and private employers each week, but you’ll also love how easy it is to identify and book shifts, based entirely on your availability.

We appreciate life’s already hectic and when you want to pick up extra work you don’t want all the ‘admin’ that comes with it. That’s why we’ve simplified the process.

There’s no toing and froing, countless calls, missing of shifts and excessive paperwork.

Quite simple, we know you haven’t got time for all that, which is why we’ve invested into the latest technology that enables you to:

  • Have more choice over when and where you work

  • Manage your own availability and view booked shifts (24/7)

  • Never miss a vacant shift, with our auto-book option

  • Set alerts so that you know when a shift becomes available

  • Manage your own compliance

  • And so much more…

Giving you control

With our live roster system, you can see your booked shifts and decide where and when you want to work, at the click of a button.

You enter your availability, which you’re prompted to do each week and our system will alert you when a shift becomes available.

Or, if there’s a location you absolutely love and know well, you can auto-book shifts to secure the work before anyone else. What’s not to love?!

Take your first steps

We can’t wait to welcome you. To get started, simply upload a copy of your CV and we’ll have you up and running in no time!