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Sanctuary announced as double finalist at Suffolk Business Awards

By Andrew Pirie

​We are delighted to announce that Sanctuary has reached the finals at this year’s Suffolk Business Awards in two categories, Innovation in Business and Large Business.

The awards are always heavily contended, and we understand that the newly introduced Innovation in Business award attracted a large volume of entries. This is great to hear because the award recognises those organisations that are transforming lives through innovation.

An exciting journey

As a finalist, the judges for both categories invited Sanctuary to deliver a virtual introduction in place of the usual office tour. Our CEO, James Rook was keen to emphasise how Sanctuary is on an exciting journey, introducing service solutions that promote a positive social impact.

Whilst many of our competitors have reduced in size, Sanctuary is on target for record growth. We are achieving this by coming up with innovative solutions that help local authorities and NHS trusts build more resilient, self-sufficient workforces.

Commenting on Sanctuary’s non-conventional approach, James Rook said:

“As a business, we are constantly redefining the narrative on what health and social care employers should expect from an external partner.

“It’s about moving away from just the numbers to establish what really makes an impact on core services and whole communities.”

Striving for excellence

Sanctuary’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Pirie, added:

“Everyone at Sanctuary recognises that excellence does not come as standard. It takes continuous commitment to do things differently. To innovate in a way that has a positive impact on clients, practitioners, and the people they are there to support.”

Whilst the awards night will not be going ahead due to the pandemic, the EADT will announce the winners on Tuesday 17 November. Business editor, Richard Porritt will also be interviewing the winners in a series of videos.

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