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International nursing case study – Ancy Joseph

By Lee Emmett

​We spoke to Ancy Joseph, Nurse at Lincoln County Hospital, about her experience of international recruitment, and why she chose to relocate to the UK for work…

What does your new nursing role in the UK involve?

I will be providing care to elderly patients at Lincoln County Hospital. It’s such a fantastic role! I’m taking part in the hospital induction programme at the moment, as well as preparing for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) test.

I have almost five years of nursing experience in India and decided I wanted to relocate and work for the NHS in the UK. Sanctuary International supported me in passing my Occupational English Test (OET) and the Computer Based Test (CBT).

What made you want to work in the UK?

I always wanted to work and live in the UK because of the fantastic health and social care opportunities available here. There’s so much to learn from both the profession as a whole, and my colleagues. Everything is very different in the UK, from the culture and weather, to the health care policies and procedures. What I really love is the opportunity to specialise in certain fields of nursing – this is something that’s possible here, but less so in India.

How did you find out about Sanctuary International?

I saw one of Sanctuary International’s adverts online, and did some research about them. It was clear how well the company looks after its international applicants and supports them throughout both the job search and relocation process, which I was impressed by.

What was your relocation experience like?

I relocated to Boston, Lincolnshire. It’s a calm and quiet place, which I like very much.

Due to COVID-19, I went into quarantine for 14 days once I’d arrived into the UK. The weather was probably the biggest shock. I found it difficult coming from India’s climate and adjusting to the British weather. In the beginning, everything was new and took some getting used to. However, now I feel much more settled and at home.

The relocation process was really smooth thanks to the Sanctuary International consultants. The time I’ve spent at the hospital so far has been positive too; the staff, my colleagues and the patients have been really welcoming and kind. The staff knew in advance that me and a few other international nurses would be joining the team, and they treated us warmly, answering any questions we had. I’m a long way from home, but the staff made me feel very much ‘at home’ which helped me to adjust to this new life. Some staff even provided us with groceries and checked that we had all we needed during the quarantine period.

Although I’ve relocated on my own, I plan to begin the process of bringing my family over to join me once I’ve completed my OSCE test.

How has Sanctuary International supported you?

The team at Sanctuary International have been a huge support throughout the entire process. From March 2020 onwards, I’ve been in touch with the consultants at each step of the way. I was given useful information regarding what to do next, and what to expect. The contact has been constant – from mailers, to calls, and also WhatsApp group conversations. My experience with Sanctuary International has been a very good one and if I ever had any doubts or concerns, the team were always on-hand to clarify things.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a new life in the UK?

Lincolnshire is a lovely place live and the Hospital there is great. It’s a very rural area and I have a nice garden, which I enjoy on my days off. To be working in the UK is a dream come true, and Sanctuary International made it possible. I’m very happy to be here.