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How to progress your radiography career

By Dan Allard

​Check if your NHS Trust offers in-house training

As you start to gain more experience as a radiographer, your NHS Trust may invite you to participate in in-house training schemes designed to upskill. They will teach radiographers how to operate MRI and CT scanners, equipping them for more senior roles and significantly improving their earning potential.

Postgraduate training opportunities for radiographers

Alongside in-house training, we highly recommend looking at what postgraduate training opportunities are available to you. Some radiographers choose to undertake¬¬ training in specialisms such as mammography or ultrasound. These are niche roles with high employability rates and strong earning potential. There is a national shortage of sonographers, so those with qualifications in ultrasound will be highly sought-after.

The Society and College of Radiographers are clear in their aspiration that postgraduate training should lead to areas of senior practice. Through their career framework, they express their desire for radiographers working in advanced roles to be educated to Masters’ level, whilst consultant practitioners should hold a professional doctorate/PhD.

Supporting the next generation of radiographers

Radiographers working in band 6 or band 7 roles may find that they start to take more responsibility for the clinical supervision of junior colleagues. Some may find that they are ideally suited to this role and that they enjoy being able to support and develop the next generation of radiographers. In which case, they may be interested in applying for the Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme.

Use resources available via professional memberships

As a radiographer, you will need to continually update your skills to maintain your professional registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Whilst much of your CPD portfolio can be based upon training, reflective supervision and academic articles, you may benefit from a professional membership with an organisation such as the Society and College of Radiographers. As well as providing resources, members can access their online learning portal and attend exclusive conferences and seminars.

We work closely with our community of radiographers to help them progress their career. To find out how we can work with you, please upload your CV.