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Extended opening hours for General Nursing recruitment

By Daniel Allard

​We know it’s an incredibly difficult and unsettling time for our community of nurses and our NHS is responding in the best way that it knows how.

With this in mind, and in response to the need to quickly mobilise nurses and other healthcare professionals in response to COVID-19, we have extended our nurse recruitment opening hours.

We want to be able to take that call earlier in the morning from a manager who needs nurses and answer the phone in the evening to the nurse who wants to make themselves available.

Head of General Nursing, Ed Stevens, said:

“Our friends and colleagues working in the NHS have never witnessed anything quite like this before. It’s important that we are able to be as flexible as is humanly possible and do our bit to help meet the resourcing needs of the NHS at this most crucial time.”

The steps Sanctuary Personnel is taking

With this in mind, Sanctuary Personnel has brought in several additional highly-experienced healthcare recruitment consultants from other parts of the business to assist with an increase in demand.

Our consultants are working alternate shifts to accommodate calls throughout the day and evening.

Needless to say, we have plenty of opportunities for nurses and HCAs who want to work the hours and help wherever they can.

The safe practice of our nurses is always our top priority though and we will guide you through what is practical and the hours you could work.

If you are new to Sanctuary Personnel, welcome to our community. If you would like to become a candidate, which we really hope you do, you can upload your CV.

Lastly, and most importantly, please take care of yourselves. You are doing an amazing job.