permanent healthcare roles

Working in a permanent role

By Daniel Allard

With healthcare professionals being in such high demand, as a candidate, you are perfectly placed to make your choice between being a locum or opting for a permanent position.

Working as a locum will give you more freedom to work in completely different environments at your choosing, but if you don’t crave the independence and prefer to work somewhere permanently, what do you need to do and how can a resourcing agency benefit you?

Firstly, let’s look at the plus points of a permanent role:

Guaranteed hours

In a permanent healthcare position, you'll be contracted to work a minimum number of hours each week. It's not just about having job security and peace of mind. It also makes getting a mortgage or loan more straightforward. 

A sense of belonging

You'll feel part of a team in a familiar environment. You won't be regularly facing the challenge of getting to know new people, systems, processes and protocols. 


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important for your career and necessary for revalidation. As a permanent member of the team, you're more likely to have access to CPD training and advancement opportunities funded by your employer. 

Career progression

As a permanent employee, you'll be well placed to apply for internal nursing job opportunities and progress your career in a familiar organisation and setting.

All these plus points are possible to replicate within locum work, it’s just different.

What should you look for from an agency?

With frontline healthcare roles in such high demand, it’s not difficult to identify permanent job opportunities online. But these can sometimes be old vacancies and you must fill out application after application; it takes time, and lots of it! 

Registering with a reputable health and social care recruitment agency makes light work of the application process. With Sanctuary Health, for instance, you simply register, upload your CV and a dedicated healthcare resourcing consultant specialising in placing permanent candidates will find you suitable opportunities. What’s more, they’ll only ever present you with permanent roles that are an exact fit and handle the entire onboarding process so that all you need to do is prepare for interview.